Sandy uses her high-level healing abilities, intuition and psychic skills to help women shed layers of unnecessary pain, guilt and unworthiness. She does this by transfiguring the root cause of what's not working in their life. It is a journey from the mundane, to heart centered joyful expression of their true authentic self.     Moving from Fear To Love. 

Experienced Soul Healer, Mentor and Healthy Love Relationship Expert. 
About the Author,
Sandy Hounsell
Feel more confident and secure in who you are 
 Gain greater clarity on your life's direction 
 Take positive action from a place of self awareness
Are you fed up with struggling with understanding your emotions?  Do they get you down? Or get in the way of your relationships?

Do you feel like emotions aren't your thing? 

Emotional Bravery will help you:-
I have been seeing Sandy for help with debilitating patterns of behaviour that kept me from experiencing true love and a fulfilling relationship.
She has helped me turn my life around. Her unique ability to understand “you know me better than I know myself” has made me so much more self-aware and given me the tools to heal and change those patterns, beliefs and behaviours that held me prisoner within myself. 

I am now in a wonderful loving relationship with my partner for 3 years and without her help I wouldn’t be experiencing the love of my life. A big thanks to Sandy as she is an amazing woman who can help you too.

Tanya Beauty School Director QLD

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Making room for your  Inner Child to play, experience joy and express itself freely without guilt.